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Granite Shades & Colors

Granite is an igneous rock formed by volcanic action. Flecks of quartz, feldspar and mica give each tile a special character

Our range of Granite is available in a choice of eight smooth and textured finishes :

WATERJET : A non-slip matt finish, produced by working the surface of the stone with high-pressure water jets.

HONED : A smooth finish with a slight sheen, produced by using a polishing head.

SANDED : Sawn stone slabs are coarsely polished: this removes saw marks and leaves a semi-smooth, regular finish.

CLEFT : With this traditional treatment the stone is riven along its line of cleavage to reveal the natural grain; this gives an undulating surface with great character.

GRITBLASTED : A high-pressure airline projects coarse-grained grit onto the top surface of the stone producing a finish similar to cleft, but available on slabs of greater size.

FLAMED : The top surface of the slab is burnt off, giving an irregular textured.

FINISH TEXTURED : The top surfaces of sawn slabs are pneumatically tooled to produce a pitted or grooved surface.
We are continually developing the range of finishes and can supply sample cards showing all materials and finishes. If you require a specialized effect we will be happy to discuss with you how it can be achieved.